Eligibility Criteria

To buy or rent a home from Gŵyr Homes you will need to satisfy the following eligibility criteria. This is our standard criteria which may be subject to change according to the particular development in question - please refer to the specific criteria of the development you are interested in.

Eligibility Criteria

You may be eligible to buy a house through Gŵ yr Homes if you:

  • Are aged 18 or over
  • Are a British or EU citizen or have indefinite leave to remain in the UK
  • Are in employment
  • Intend to use the affordable home as your only or principal home
  • Cannot afford to buy or rent a similar property in the area on the open market
  • Have no substantial deposits in the bank or building society but have sufficient savings for any home buying or renting costs
  • Are not behind in repayments on any existing loan
  • Are not in rent arrears or in breach of a tenancy agreement
  • Are not already a home owner (subject to individual circumstances)


  • Priority will be given to households that make best use of a property’s size. E.g. With regards to a three bedroom house a family with two children* would be given priority over a family with one child.
  • If applications are received from families that have equal priority, priority will be given to the family whose application was received first**.
  • Gŵyr Homes reserves the right to refuse applications from smaller households on grounds of under-occupation.

Please note: The decision of Gŵyr Homes is final. Applicants may be subject to screening and required to provide additional information as necessary.

*Child/Children are defined as those aged up to 18 years of age.

** Gŵyr Homes cannot be held responsible for any mail that does not reach us by the designated closing date. 


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